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Production Company

The Funhouse Massacre Pre-production

Andy Palmer

Petri Entertainment

Одной левой Post-production

Vitaly Reyngeverts

Fresh Films


Jeffrey Elmont

Tigertail Films

The Knight’s Move

Gor Kirakosian

Sharm Holding

The Last Light

Andrew Hyatt

Fox Hill Productions

* 'Best Thriller Feature’ at Shriekfest

Ticket To Vegas

Gor Kirakosian

MG Media

Lost And Found In Armenia

Gor Kirakosian

Red Tie Films

De Laatste Zomer

Joost Wijnant

Caviar Films

Short Films

Schijn Van De Maan (Moonglow)

Peter Ghesquière


* ‘Golden Palm’ nomination at Cannes International Film Festival


Sarah Demeestere

* Best photography at San Francisco Short Film Festival

Love in 320 Steps Or Less

Ben Abbott


How To Enrich Yourself By Driving Women Into Bankruptcy

Pim Algoed

A Team Productions

Flowers and Weeds

Tanc Sade

Five Island Films

Tanguy’s Unifying Theory of Life

Pim Algoed


Zondvloed (Flood)

Peter Ghesquière


De Laatste Zomer (The Last Summer)

Joost Wijnant


I.V.F (additional cinematographer SFX)

Ilse Somers

Latcho drom


Safronov Brothers

Pavel Puntus

Dreamtakers (pilot presentation)

Erik Gardner

Flamengo Shoe

Rocket Compulsion

Gregory Read

Discovery Channel

Postcards From...

Chris Humphrey

History Channel

Sudden Death

Chris Humphrey

National Geographic

Music Videos

  • I Am The One – High Octane,  

  • Collide – Laidback Luke,  

  • Could It Be – Mackintosh Braun,  

  • Find What You Love and Let It Kill You – Johnny Berlin,  

  • Four – Johnny Berlin,  

  • I Remember – Barbie Bangkok,  

  • I Can’t Wait – Tatiana Silva,  

  • Bleeding Kiss – Wunderkind,  

  • I Need a Drug – Sioen,  

  • Three Calls For Alcohol – Rye Jehu,  

  • Go To Hell – Milk Inc.,  


  • Cornetto – Cupidity,  

  • Matrix,  

  • Una grande Mozzarella,  

  • Pelmeni Sibirskie Collection,  

  • Bronnitskiy Juvelir,  

  • Mercurochrome,  

  • Rusnak,  

  • Free People – Mother’s Love,  

  • B&B Hotels,  

  • Astellas,  

  • Thuis in de stad,  

  • Bloso,  

  • Qmusic – Gaving Degraw,  

  • Qmusic – Ellie Goulding,  

  • Qmusic – Eliza Doolittle,  

  • Browning,  

  • Vivaboxen,  

  • Het Nieuwsblad,  

  • Opel,  

  • Pure FM,  

  • Dexia – Sporza,  

  • Centerparcs,  

  • Lotus,  

  • Belgacom – Magician,  

  • Braille Liga,  

  • MIVB/STIB,  

  • Dexia – slippers,  


Gor Kirakosian, Pitof Comar & Alban Penicaut, John Bentham, Matt Barber, Franck Allera, Michael Graham, Erik Anderson, Andy Palmer, Jeffrey Elmont, Jelle Posthuma, Pavel Puntus, Tanc Sade, Nicolas Vantomme, Alexander Von Buxenhoeveden, Kurt Maes, Michael Bombeeck, Joost Wijnant, Kurt De Leijer, Andreas Hasle, Louis Pons, Peter Ghesquière, Erik Gardner, Gregory Read, Chris Humphrey, Sarah Demeestere, Pim Algoed, Ben Abbott, Ilse Somers, Andrew Hyatt, Hilde Van Mieghem, , Vitaly Reyngeverts, Andrew Mellen & Bruna Gonzalez,


Filip Vandewal is an award-winning cinematographer.


Films he has worked on have won over a dozen major awards and have been screened at scores of international film festivals and in theaters worldwide.


The visually fascinating short film ‘Schijn van de Maan’ received a ‘Golden Palm’ nomination at the Cannes International Film Festival.


Soon his work drew attention of producers in America, which resulted in shooting, Flowers and Weeds, his first work on American soil, featuring Academy Award® Nominee Terrence Stamp, with visual effects provided by Academy Award® winner Mark Lassof.


With director Gor Kirakosian he shot the American-Armenian feature ‘Lost and Found in Armenia’ starring Jamie Kennedy and the comedy ‘Ticket to Vegas’ starring Danny Trejo. For the award-winning sci fi feature ‘The Last Light’ with Edward Furlong he teamed up with Andrew Hyatt and for ‘Discarded’ with Dutch director Jeffrey Elmont.


He speaks English, Dutch, French, German and Brazilian Portuguese and shot films in Belgium, France, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Russia and The United States.


A Belgian native, Filip graduated from the Brussels film school RITS and currently resides in Los Angeles.



+1 310.990.4190

Santa Monica - California